Protective equipment
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LOKATRADE was founded in March 1990 as an importer and distributor of Sofraf and MAPA gloves and noise protection EAR and BILSOM, which at that time was the top offer of personal protective equipment in its segments. In a few years of operation, the company has greatly expanded its offer and business. Acquired dealerships or authorized distribution of the most reputable manufacturers of personal protective equipment: uvex, Ansell, 3M (3M, EAR, Peltor, Speedglas…), Indutex, DuPont (Tyvek, Sontara), Dike, Wock, Dunlop, Vochoc,… Goods of the mentioned manufacturers , as well as the products of our brand StayerSafety® we keep in stock, which allows our customers fast delivery and minimal financial burden for customers. In addition to sales, we offer our customers professional support and assistance, which is described in more detail below. Our customers come from all industries: from clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry to the steel industry, from construction to laboratories. We are trusted by the most reputable companies in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Moldova…
About us
30 years of
For the last ten years, Lokatrade, based on rich experience and knowledge and with the cooperation of the best experts and manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE), develops and markets products that belong to the very top quality PPE offer in the European market. . Since 2009, these products have been marketed under the StayerSafety® brand. Each product of this brand was selected on the basis of the strictest criteria in terms of protective properties, efficiency, comfort and economy. Many products have been developed exclusively according to our requirements and wishes. OVO StayerSafety® provides the customer with the best possible ratio between quality, usability and comfort on the one hand and price on the other. Currently, under the StayerSafety® brand, users are offered: protective gloves, goggles, protective and professional footwear, protective respirators and work clothes. With the selection of StayerSafety® products, you turn COSTS into AN INVESTMENT!